Pravala’s Application Control Engine (ACE+) is focused on improving the overall quality of the wireless experience. ACE+ seamlessly and transparently moves traffic between mobile and Wi-Fi networks providing a faster, more reliable Internet experience, while allowing users to control costs by selecting which network each app can use. ACE+ is offered as a SDK that can be integrated into existing Android and iOS application or as standalone application.

ACE+: Overview

As mobile devices switch from cellular (3G/LTE) to Wi-Fi networks current sessions are broken and must be restarted on the new network. There are thousands of real-time applications that are affected by network switches such as VoIP, video and file downloads.

Application Benefits

  • No dropped calls or sessions: through seamless handover
  • Improved quality: avoid blocked or congested networks
  • Faster speeds: using Wi-Fi and LTE simultaneously
  • Simplicity: automatic best network selection

Customer Study

ACE+ has been implemented by a US MNVO selling voice and data services to address the issues of dropped VOIP calls when users switch networks. The MVNO has been able to reduce customer churn by 70% since implementing ACE+.

How It Works

ACE+ ensures that calls continue without any interruption by monitoring the connection quality and duplicating packets across multiple networks when the quality of the connection degrades. This ensures a seamless & transparent experience for the user and greatly improves customer satisfaction.

The diagram below highlights the difference between a traditional handover and Pravala’s handover.

ACE+: Overview

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