The Pravala Networks mobile product portfolio offers operators, regulators, and application developers the tools necessary to offer fast, seamless, and frustration-free wireless network experiences.


QNS™ automatically selects the fastest, most secure and cost-effective network for an unparalleled mobile user experience.

Patented QNS™ technology allows real-time evaluation of multiple network connections and intelligent selection of the best option.

Provides mobile and Wi-Fi operators complete control over the network connectivity experience along with full reporting and analytics.

Protects mobile devices from potential cyber-attacks and encrypts all data communication using advanced VPN technology.

Transparent handover of data traffic and a persistent IP connection as the user moves between networks ensures always-on connectivity.

Patented aggregation technology turbocharges data transfer by using multiple networks simultaneously.


Quality Monitor

Quality Monitor crowdsources network quality information for real-time monitoring of network experience.

Wi-Fi Access Manager

Wi-Fi Access Manager provides comprehensive network policy management for Wi-Fi offloading.

Application Control Engine

Application Control Engine provides seamless handover and bandwidth aggregation for mobile applications.