The management of data costs is a key concern for OEMs, while consumers are keenly interested in utilizing all of their connected services in the vehicle. Enticing the consumer to pay for another data plan for their car, however, is a large hurdle. Utilizing the Pravala VehicleLink application, users can share the data plan of their smartphone with the car. This new data path can be controlled using the same policies and features in all other use cases; enabling for precise policies to be configured to ensure critical data is delivered fast and reliably, while passenger content such as Netflix or YouTube is delivered the cheapest way possible.

Smartphone Integration in action

This video highlights how the CVG is able to use a smartphone as an additional data connection in the vehicle. The left side of the screen shows the VehicleLink application being opened and establishing a secure connection to the CVG over Wi-Fi. The right side shows other data traffic in the car flowing over the CVG, and how it uses both the embedded LTE connection (in green) and the smartphone LTE (in pink) simultaneously to achieve faster download and upload speeds.

How it Works

The CVG works cooperatively with every smartphone that is brought into the vehicle to provide a unified network experience. Each smartphone, running the VehicleLink app, is able to lend its mobile radio to the vehicle, enabling the CVG to control connectivity costs and improve performance speeds for all users of the vehicle network. The VehicleLink app runs on both Android and Apple devices and can be easily integrated into existing auto manufacturers mobile applications.

Smartphones running the VehicleLink application can be used in conjunction with the on-board embedded LTE connection to provide faster speeds, can provide a better quality link for voice calls, or can be used as the primary source of data, eliminating the need for customers to pay twice to connect the car to the cloud. The interaction between VehicleLink and the CVG is all controlled via policy. Smartphones running VehicleLink provide an upgrade path for vehicles with older embedded radios – the CVG will be able to leverage 5G+ radios of future smartphones without needing to upgrade the 3G or LTE radio in the vehicle.

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