The collection of diagnostic and reporting data is key to detecting faults early, generating smart updates, and providing a better experience for the consumer. However, without policy to define when and how much diagnostic data is uploaded, OEMs can find vehicles uploading unnecessary amounts of information, increasing the cost of the service. Utilizing the intelligent policy platform provided by Pravala, OEMs can define, via the cloud, real-time policies to determine when and how much diagnostic data the vehicle will upload, providing OEMs with another data cost management tool.

Telemetry in action

The video highlights the CVG’s reporting and analytics capabilities by showing the ability to collect network quality information in a database and display the results in report that allows administrators to quickly see network quality information by location. A more detailed view of the metrics that make up the quality network score are displayed by clicking on a network provider in specific location.

How it Works

The CVG management system offers comprehensive data collection, analytics and reporting capabilities. The CVG has scalable and robust data collection and storage engine, as well as a robust and flexible REST API that allows Pravala, the auto manufacturer, or the auto supplier to customize what data is collected based on customer needs. The sources of telemetry data can be controlled using the policy management system to determine when and how much data to upload from the vehicle to the cloud.

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