Use Case

The Pravala management platform is being extended to be compatible with the GSMA’s embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card (eUICC) standard for Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards, to provide automotive OEMs another way to manage the mobile network provisioning of their vehicles. The ability to control which mobile network operator a given vehicle is provisioned on, through a centralized management console, will make it possible for OEMs to renegotiate mobile service contracts without worrying about legacy vehicles.

Technical Details

Today, Pravala has an existing subscriber management system implemented in the cloud, which is able to securely provide policies for trusted connectivity to software running on the CVG. The Pravala management backend is being to support the 3GPP eUICC subscriber management protocols, and enable provisioning of not just modem-level capabilities such as roaming and APNs, but also directly with the SIM card to change the carrier provisioning.

The 3GPP eUICC specification utilizes standardized protocols, which Pravala’s existing subscriber management platform supports. Combining these interfaces with the existing subscriber management system allows for a platform that manages all aspects of the vehicle network experience:

  • Which carrier a SIM is provisioned for
  • Which network a given application will use
  • All of the traffic management, shaping, handover and aggregation capabilities provided by the CVG
  • When combined with Pravala’s firmware OTA update platform, secure software updates as well

This unified platform is an industry-leading solution, providing a one-stop-shop for OEMs that wish to manage all aspects of their vehicle networking experience.

Deploying the eUICC management platform will require cooperation with OEM partners, their carriers, and SIM vendors.