The CVG management system provides auto manufacturers and suppliers with the ability to control which mobile network a given vehicle will utilize, without changing the SIM card. This flexibility enables auto manufacturers to change their carrier partners without the expense of replacing each deployed SIM. The integration of the SIM management capability with the CVG policy system provides a comprehensive and flexible system to control all aspects of the vehicle connectivity environment.

There are multiple technical approaches to provide SIM management capabilities that the CVG management system supports.


The first approach, the 3GPP embedded UICC (eUICC) standard, enables auto manufacturers and suppliers to re-provision the identity in a SIM card. This standard, which is starting to be adopted by SIM card vendors and carriers, will enable a SIM to be installed in the vehicle at the time of manufacture without a carrier assignment, giving auto manufacturers the flexibility to assign carriers at the time of sale, or potentially even later in the lifecycle of the car.


The second approach, a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) with client-side carrier switching, leverages the ability of software which is running on the modem to dynamically choose which mobile network to connect to, with the billing being handled in the backend by a single MVNO. This approach enables a given vehicle to change, potentially multiple times during a trip, which mobile network to utilize, providing the vehicle with the greatest coverage and best quality.

Regardless of the approach taken, the CVG monitors the quality of the mobile network in real-time, providing auto manufacturers and suppliers a crowd-sourced database of network quality and coverage based upon location, time of day and application type. This database, in conjunction with a predictive analytics engine, ensures each vehicle knows all of the available networks and their relative qualities.