Seamless Handover

The mobile nature of vehicles requires that sessions be seamlessly migrated between available wireless networks without interruption. When a vehicle pulls out of the garage, up to a coffee house, or into the office, it is going to either connect or disconnect from Wi-Fi; at which point all sessions which were in progress (for example a VoIP call, an OTA update, or a streaming audio session) will need to be seamlessly handed off. The patented CVG seamless handoff technology allows for every IP session to be migrated without disruption or interruption between any wireless standard, all in a carrier agnostic manner.

As the vehicle travels, it is likely to encounter places where network connectivity is not guaranteed. This can happen when driving through a tunnel, through a heavily congested downtown core, or through a rural area with spotty mobile coverage. If a session was in progress, it will be restarted once connectivity resumes. This drives up data costs because identical data has to be retransmitted, in addition to providing a poor user experience. The session continuity capabilities of the CVG ensures that all sessions that are in progress resume without interruption or restart when connectivity is returned, minimizing data costs and maximizing user experience.

Seamless Handover in action

This video demonstrates how the CVG seamlessly moves live data sessions between networks without any interruption. The left side of the screen shows a live video call on a mobile device connected to the CVG over Wi-Fi. The right side shows the live network traffic flowing over the CVG network interfaces. The video call doesn’t experience any interruption as the CVG seamlessly and transparently switches the call from LTE (in green) to an external Wi-Fi connection (in blue).

How it Works

Keeping the vehicle connected, as it moves between different wireless networks, is something that traditional solutions fail to provide. Today, sessions break as the vehicle moves between different networks, resulting in dropped calls and a frustrating user experience.

The CVG contains patented seamless handover technology that transparently switches the connection to the best available or preferred connection – 3G/LTE, Wi-Fi or DSRC, as the car moves along the roadway.

It does this by establishing a tunnel between the car and the cloud, over which all packets travel. This tunnel is assigned an IP address which is stable for the duration of the session, independent of the IP addresses assigned by the underlying network.

This enables the CVG to offer a single, uninterrupted view to the cloud, regardless of what underlying network a packet travels over.

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