OEMs need the ability to differentiate service offerings among vehicle models, while minimizing the complexity of managing the various capabilities present in each model. A centralized policy management platform enables OEMs to configure and control behaviour of each component of the CVG, while providing the flexibility to customize each service by model, vendor, or geography.

Managing large groups of mobile devices requires the ability to remotely provision a variety of mobile network parameters, such as setting the APN, controlling data roaming and configuring valid network modes. The Pravala policy management platform is able to specify all of these fields to groups of devices. The CVG applies these settings at the device level, providing a degree of carrier independence that is critical in multi-carrier deployments.

Effectively utilizing Wi-Fi client connectivity requires more than just a Wi-Fi client; it is necessary to ensure that the Wi-Fi client is able to connect to all available Wi-Fi networks. This is accomplished through the Pravala policy management system, which is able to remotely provision new Wi-Fi network profiles and credentials on groups of devices. In addition, the CVG supports common Wi-Fi authentication standards, including WPA/WPA2 PSK, WISPr and Hotspot 2.0, ensuring that the device can be connected to the maximum number of Wi-Fi networks possible.

Policy Management in action

This video shows the ability to remotely set policies on the connected vehicle gateway and gives a high-level overview of some features of the CVG’s policy system. The video walks through the steps involved in configuring Wi-Fi credentials on the CVG.

How it Works

The CVG management system provides a flexible, policy-driven environment that enables the dynamic, real-time configuration of a vehicle. Policies can be targeted using a number of dynamic (time of day, location, available networks) as well as static (vehicle model, vehicle year) selectors, and can manage a variety of vehicle settings. This gives auto manufacturers and suppliers, their partners, and their customers the ability to securely configure and control almost every aspect of a vehicle. The CVG management system also collects a variety of data metrics, see telemetry for more details.

The CVG management system is able to configure a number of subsystems in the vehicle. Examples include:

  • Scheduling an over-the-air update when the vehicle is connected to Wi-Fi
  • Configuring the vehicle to enable data roaming when a critical update is available
  • Increasing the amount of data logging on a certain model year of car due to an increased number of faults

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