Minimizing the cost of data on the embedded LTE radio is a key concern for OEMs that are responsible for the cost of the data. The CVG is able to reduce the number of bytes transmitted through session persistence, reduced retransmissions and smart compression. In addition, the CVG platform is able to utilize policies to ensure applications that consume large amounts of data are prevented from working over the embedded LTE radio, saving data for key applications only. Finally, it is possible to utilize the platform to defer data downloads to when cheaper connectivity is available; reducing the amount of data an OEM is paying for.

Connection Management in action

This video shows the CVG’s ability manage all of the connections present in the vehicle. The top half of the dashboard shows the live network connections in the vehicle and their combined real-time total speed. The Rogers connection (in blue) shows the embedded LTE connection of the CVG, the Pravala connection (in green) shows the CVG connecting to an external Wi-Fi network. External Wi-Fi networks, such as your home or office, are becoming more and more prevalent as a low-cost alternative to LTE. Geordie’s iPhone connection in red shows a mobile devices lending it’s LTE connection as another network connection in the vehicle. The bottom half of dashboard shows all of devices connected to the CVG, including a laptop named Pravalas-MBP.

How it Works

The connection manager provides low latency seamless switching between Wi-Fi, cellular and DSRC networks as well as keeping the vehicle always connected by selecting the best available connection based on cost and quality.

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