The CVG solution has three elements; all of which work together to provide the seamless, managed and reliable experience – a client that runs on hardware in the vehicle, a server which runs in the cloud, and a management interface which runs on any web browser. Pravala has partnered with multiple Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs to integrate the CVG client application onto existing hardware modules, including Telematics Control Units (TCUs) and in-car infotainment systems. This provides the ultimate solution – advanced management and connectivity solutions on existing, proven hardware.

In the cloud

The cloud component of the CVG is a collection of services that manage and control the in-vehicle CVG application. These services are fully distributed, completely scalable, and are designed to handle millions of concurrent vehicles.

System Architecture

One major service, the Mobility and Aggregation Service (MAS) provides the ‘other side’ of the network tunnel, anchoring all data in the network. The MAS works as the data plane, processing all traffic sent by the CVG and all traffic destined back to the CVG. This service works in concert with network security devices, such as firewalls and content filters to ensure only authorized traffic reaches the vehicle. The MAS has been deployed in concert with a variety of vendor security solutions, including Cisco Cloud Web Security and Dell SonicWALL.

Another major service, the Policy and Analytics Service (PAS) provides a centralized repository of policies that are used to dynamically control the behavior of the CVG application, and a repository of data monitored and uploaded by each active CVG application. Both the policy interface and the historical data interface are exposed through a secured and documented REST API, allowing OEMs and Tier 1’s to programmatically control the behavior of each vehicle. Pravala partners have already integrated custom applications with these APIs, adding additional capabilities to their own deployments.

These services all run on a variety of cloud computing environments, including cloud hosts, such as Amazon EC2 or DigitalOcean, dedicated hosting, such as IBM Softlayer, or anywhere in between. All of the services run on Linux.

Connected Vehicle Gateway Platform

The Connected Vehicle Gateway acts as the communications hub for the vehicle, providing fast, reliable connectivity to on-board devices and passengers.

The CVG management portal enables remote management and reporting of the CVG platform.