The Pravala Connected Vehicle Gateway is a software application that provides fast, secure and seamless connectivity from connected cars to the cloud.

Connected Vehicle Gateway Platform

The CVG intelligently selects and transparently switches to the best available or preferred connection, as the car moves along roadways – 3G/LTE, Wi-Fi or even DSRC. Additionally Pravala provides in-vehicle device management through the VehicleLink application that can be used to lower data costs by sending data over smartphones or by connecting to external Wi-Fi.

The automotive environment has some fundamental differences from a typical mobile device, including high rate of motion, major cost constraints, long lifecycles, and high levels of network contention, which makes the case for managed connectivity in the vehicle compelling.


The Connected Vehicle Gateway acts as the communications hub for the vehicle, providing fast, reliable connectivity to on-board devices and passengers.

The CVG cloud anchors vehicles on to the Internet, making mobile as easy as operating on fixed networks.

The CVG management portal enables remote management and reporting of the CVG platform.


Increase Internet connection speed using multiple networks simultaneously – or save costs by offloading to Wi-Fi when available.

Transparent handover of data traffic and a persistent IP connection as the vehicle moves between networks ensures always-on connectivity.

Automatically select the best available connection based on cost and quality.

Protect vehicles from potential cyber-attacks and encrypt all data communication using advanced VPN technology.

Securely gather and analyze vehicle telematics via a web based reporting platform.

Control data costs by using passenger mobile devices as the primary Internet connection inside the vehicle.